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Smoky Quartz Tower Point 2"
Smoky Quartz Tower Point 2"
Smoky Quartz Tower Point 2"
Smoky Quartz Tower Point 2"

Smoky Quartz Tower Point 2"

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Need to let go? Stuck in a painful moment? Smoky Quartz uses the healing vibrations of the earth as a powerful cleanser and detoxifier to help you lift fear, depression, and negativity.

Hold this Smoky Quartz tower point to your crown chakra and let it ease your communication difficulties with family and friends that keep jamming up your vibe.

Speaking of jamming a vibe: Place Smoky Quartz in areas with electronics and let it work its trademark benefit of absorbing and transmuting electromagnetic radiation. Hint: It gets its hints of brown from exposure to natural underground radiation, absolutely raising the level of intensity of regular Quartz. 

Gently release negative emotions of fear, jealousy, and anger and get moving forward again in positivity with this Smoky Quartz tower point.


Approximate Weight:  48g / 1.7oz
Approximate Size:  1"w x 2"h
Origin: Brazil

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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