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Selenite Raw Crystal Cleansing Slab (Large)
Selenite Raw Crystal Cleansing Slab (Large)
Selenite Raw Crystal Cleansing Slab (Large)

Selenite Raw Crystal Cleansing Slab (Large)

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Named for the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, this unpolished slab holds the cleansing energy of liquid light. Selenite's healing properties center around purity and honesty, calling upon protections from the angelic realm.

Our favorite way to use Selenite is as a cleansing tool. Have another crystal that has begun to feel murky or weighed down? Rest your other crystals or tools on your Selenite and allow it to cleanse and further amplify their energy and intentions. In fact, we place our crystal jewelry on a Selenite slab every night to whisk away the collected energy of the day. 

(other crystals pictured here not included)

Though it's said that Selenite never needs to be cleansed of collected energy, we still recommended cleansing and charging this gorgeous specimen periodically. A night under the full or new moon should do the trick.

Hold this piece in your hand (basically your very own slice of the moon) or place on your altar to clear your own energy blockages, too. Take a deep breath in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth, and feel the draw to be honest with yourself.

Care note: Selenite has a Mohs scale hardness of just 2 which means it is a softer mineral (though not pliable, don't worry). Belonging to the gypsum family, please do not place Selenite in water as it may dissolve.


Approximate Weight:  520g / 1 lb 2.3oz
Approximate Size:  2.5"w x 7.25"L
Origin: Morocco

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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