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Rose Quartz Tower Point 2"
Rose Quartz Tower Point 2"
Rose Quartz Tower Point 2"
Rose Quartz Tower Point 2"

Rose Quartz Tower Point 2"

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Inhale love. Exhale negativity.  

Known for millennia as the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and allows you to nurture love in your relationships, family, community, nature, and yourself. A crystal of compassion and unconditional love, its healing properties can help you accept past pain and move forward in a transformational positive energy.

Looking for love? Even better. Rose Quartz is exceptional in attracting new romance and intimacy, strengthening and deepening connections all around.

Its soft pink light is also wonderfully soothing for children, enhancing peaceful dreams, limiting night terrors, and dispelling a fear of the dark. (our co-founder Megan's daughter sleeps with one and swears by it to her friends)


Approximate Weight:  22g / 0.8oz
Approximate Size:  0.88"w x 2"h
Origin: Brazil

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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