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Rainbow Fluorite Tower Point
Rainbow Fluorite Tower Point
Rainbow Fluorite Tower Point

Rainbow Fluorite Tower Point

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Your cluttered thoughts are no match for this Rainbow Fluorite Tower. Take a deep breath as you look into the calming depths of its cool colors. It's already drawing you in, clarifying your mind and making way for focus.

A balancing and grounding stone, allow it to anchor your ideas as it helps you coordinate your physical and mental abilities. A "spiritual vacuum cleaner," Rainbow Fluorite is a blessing for students and anyone learning a new path.

Boosting focus and peacefulness, this is the piece to grab when it's time for decision making.

Known as the “Genius Stone,” Rainbow Fluorite calms a chaotic mind and facilitates nimble determination. It's luminous light represents the highest state of mental aptitude.


Approximate Weight:  42g / 1.5oz
Approximate Size:  0.75"w x 2.4"h
Origin: China

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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