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Leaded Crystal Gazing Ball with Velvet Resting Cushion

Leaded Crystal Gazing Ball with Velvet Resting Cushion

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What secrets lie just beyond the veil? Our 70 mm leaded crystal gazing ball may be the gorgeous tool to reveal them all.

Approximately 2.75" in diameter, this gazing ball is larger than you would expect (but not so large as to feel like it should be on the other side of a beaded curtain).

Resting on a hand-stitched, hand-turned velvet cushion, this is the bit of inspiration your desk has been missing.

If you're going to stare into space and daydream for a moment, might as well catch a glimpse of the future while you're at it, right?

From our "What if a library could hold a soul?" mystery box. This one? Everyone was obsessed with this piece. It's the kind of object you never knew you needed... until it comes alive in your hand. Or maybe it's you that comes alive.