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Labradorite Crystal Slab (Self-Standing)
Labradorite Crystal Slab (Self-Standing)
Labradorite Crystal Slab (Self-Standing)

Labradorite Crystal Slab (Self-Standing)

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The stone of transformation. When the moment calls to know thyself, grab a piece of Labradorite and embrace the truest change. 

Inuit lore tells of frozen fire falling from the sky to create this mesmerizing stone. A piece of the Aurora Borealis itself, the labradorescence creates dazzling phenomena of blue to green, with rare specimens offering violet, gold, and orange (often known as Spectrolite). When you hear someone say, "This piece has a lot of flash," this is what they mean. Psst... This piece has a lot of flash.

This specimen is self-standing and ready to watch over you doing the hard work of change.

Labradorite banishes fear and insecurities, strengthening intuition and imparting strength when you need it most. It enhances intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophecy, while revealing the truth behind illusions.

Time to dispel our own illusions and get curious about our true destiny.

Hold this stunning piece in your hand and allow it to bring out what's true and best in yourself and those around you.


Approximate Weight:  50g / 1.7oz
Approximate Size:  2"w x 2.5"h
Origin: Madagascar

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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