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Clear Calcite Crystal Zeolite (Rainbows!)
Clear Calcite Crystal Zeolite (Rainbows!)
Clear Calcite Crystal Zeolite (Rainbows!)
Clear Calcite Crystal Zeolite (Rainbows!)

Clear Calcite Crystal Zeolite (Rainbows!)

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Calling all creatives: This energy amplifier is the muse you've been looking for. Known as the "Stone of the Mind," Calcite connects your emotions to your intellect. Isn't the ability to translate that the heart of what makes us creative? So let's enhance that magic.

Dissolving your old ways to make way for the new, this piece is ideal for times of transition, adjustments, and even disagreements. Calcite heightens mental discernment, increasing memory and intellectual nimbleness as well as empathy and compassion. The perfect stone for the student, creative, or academic in your life.

This piece is enchanting in person, full of rainbows at virtually every angle.

What is a Zeolite? Typically formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks, these are natural minerals that usually occur in a matrix form with other crystals.

Zeolite crystals have a natural ability to purify your mind, as well as absorb odors and toxins from your environment. Hint: Gardeners love them! Historically known to benefit agriculture and gardens, bury them near your beds and let them foster growth.

Attuning with the energies around you, they clear negative energies preventing you from reaching your full potential and make way for you to receive guidance. Meditate? Zeolites enable you to stay in the calm of your meditative state for longer periods of time, opening the paths for enlightenment. 


Approximate Weight:  44g / 1.5oz
Approximate Size:  1"w x 1.5"L
Origin: Maharashstra, India

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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