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Citrine Crystal Cluster (Medium)
Citrine Crystal Cluster (Medium)
Citrine Crystal Cluster (Medium)
Citrine Crystal Cluster (Medium)

Citrine Crystal Cluster (Medium)

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Are you manifesting your fortune? Citrine is the amplification you need.

Called "The Merchant Stone" or "The Success Stone," Citrine infuses your intentions with positive energy. Attracting wealth and prosperity, this joyful stone is full of the sun's light to encourage generosity and good fortune. Because the best way to clear the path for receiving is by giving, right?

If you are working toward success in business and finances, you need extra motivation. Citrine's colorful warmth generates a frequency perfect for awakening the creativity and imagination you'll need to attract and maintain abundance.

Citrine is a stone of manifestation and perseverance. Keep your Citrine crystal cluster nearby as you set your goals and feel your self-confidence soar.


Approximate Weight:  152g / 5.4oz
Approximate Size:  2.5"w x 1.25"h
Origin: Brazil

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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