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Celestine Crystal Cluster (Large)
Celestine Crystal Cluster (Large)
Celestine Crystal Cluster (Large)
Celestine Crystal Cluster (Large)

Celestine Crystal Cluster (Large)

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Also known as Celestite, this raw geode cluster is a symbol of peace and calming. 

Celestine's high-vibrational energy radiates in all directions, making it perfect for next to your bed or meditation space to calm your thoughts and restore a sense of tranquility.

Inspiring deep relaxation, it's perfect for lulling you into a restful sleep and as it gently cleanses the surrounding area and stills a chaotic mind. (This gorgeous blue crystal is renowned for being highly conducive to dream recall, too.)

Celestite is derived from the Latin adjective caelestis (cealum), meaning heaven or sky. No wonder it is loved for connecting with angelic guides, seeking Divine guidance, and communicating with lost loved ones.

This dreamy stone is excellent for releasing anxiety, calming panic attacks, and dispelling worries and fear. Simply filled with positive energy, Celestine is ready to soothe you.


Approximate Weight:  320g / 11.3oz
Approximate Size:  2.5"w x 3"l x 1 7/8" h
Origin: Madagascar

You are receiving the exact crystal pictured.


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