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Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection
Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection
Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection
Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection
Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection
Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection

Wizardry Woodwick Candle Collection

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We are so excited to bring to you our limited edition Holiday Wizardry Collection! Each 8 oz. candle in this 4-piece set is dear to our hearts, much like our love of Harry Potter. Hand-poured in our brand new rose gold tins, this limited edition set includes an exclusive piece of ephemera celebrating the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Set includes:
•  The Burrow
•  Yule Ball
•  Hagrid's Holiday Tree
•  December in Hogsmeade
•  candle care card
•  exclusive ephemera

Our exclusive apothecary candles are crafted from a blend of 100% soy wax + phthalate-free fragrance and poured carefully by hand in small batches. Each candle weighs approximately 8 ounces and 3.4" x 2.2" and features restored vintage label art. For burning instructions, please refer to the enclosed candle care card sent with each shipment.

US Holiday shipping deadlines: Order by 11:59pm ET Thursday, December 19 and choose USPS Priority shipping.


Wizardry Candle Collection scent details:

The Burrow

Light this candle for:
Warm woolen sweaters, cookies and milk, the family we all wish we were part of.

You are snuggled up on a patchy sofa and Molly Weasley is bustling about in the kitchen (something smells incredible).  Who wouldn’t want to spend a fortnight nestled inside The Burrow? In the whole world of magic, there is no place like home — light your candle to immerse yourself in the comforts of cinnamon, cookies, and hand-knit sweaters.

Scent Notes:
Top - cinnamon, brown sugar
Middle - honey, butter
Bottom - vanilla, linen, cream


Yule Ball

Light this candle for:
An enchanted waltz, rosy cheeks, and snow sparkling in the air.

You can hear the music as you head down the grand staircase, lights glinting off the stars that are magically suspended in the air.  A swish of silken skirts, dress robes twirling —  the Yule Ball has begun! Touch the match to your wood wick to ignite the enchantments of mistletoe, romance, and dress robes.

Scent Notes:
Top - fig, pine, powder
Middle - amber, clove
Bottom - ozone, snow sugar, fir


Hagrid’s Holiday Tree

Light this candle for:
Treks through snow flurries, pine cones,  evergreen boughs.

No day is better than the day Hagrid delivers the Great Hall’s 12 Holiday trees, his bootprints and a trail of evergreen needles leading right up to Hogwarts. Light this candle to experience the incredible magic of Christmas, deep snow, and Forbidden Forest pine.

Scent Notes:
Top - pine, cypress, oak
Middle - sandalwood, winterberry
Bottom - evergreen, smoke


December in Hogsmeade

Light this candle for:
A magical village, adventures with your best friends, toasting marshmallows by the fire.

The snow-capped roof peaks of your most beloved magical town have been waiting for you. Are you ready for adventures through the streets? Snowball fights next to the sweet-filled windows of Honeydukes? Sending an owl at the post office? Whatever magic awaits you, you can be sure of ending your day with a mug of something delicious at The Three Broomsticks. While you burn your candle, may your rooms be filled with the scent of cozy fires, camaraderie, and warm butterbeer.

Scent Notes:
Top - butterscotch, hearth-smoke
Middle - bourbon, cream
Bottom - toasted marshmallow, peppercorn