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Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection
Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection
Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection
Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection
Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection
Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection

Middle Earth Woodwick Candle Collection

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Welcome to the magic of Middle Earth! Our new limited edition Tolkien-inspired Holiday Collection is inspired by J.R.R’s world of Elves, Orcs, and Hobbits. Hand-poured in our brand new rose gold tins, this limited edition 4-piece set includes four 8 oz candles plus an exclusive piece of ephemera celebrating the epic fellowship that set out to ward off the darkness.

Set includes:
•  Middle Earth
•  Winter of the Elves
•  The Misty Mountains
•  Hobbiton Christmas
•  candle care card
•  exclusive ephemera

Our exclusive apothecary candles are crafted from a blend of 100% soy wax + phthalate-free fragrance and poured carefully by hand in small batches. Each candle weighs approximately 8 ounces and 3.4" x 2.2" and features restored vintage label art. For burning instructions, please refer to the enclosed candle care card sent with each shipment.

US Holiday shipping deadlines: Order by 11:59pm ET Thursday, December 19 and choose USPS Priority shipping.


Middle Earth Candle Collection scent details:

Middle Earth

Light this candle for:
Dark adventure, leather scabbards, pine covered hills.

It is the first night of your quest; you’ve left all that is familiar behind and now must rely on only your bravery and a bit of lembas bread to sustain you. The moon rises above the trees and the fire snaps cheerily while the shadows dance. This December you will stand guard at the heart of the forest…..none shall pass. 

Scent Notes:
Top - spruce, oak moss
Middle - clove,  sandalwood
Bottom - forest floor, cinnamon


Winter of the Elves

Light this candle for:
Eternal grace, snowy lavender, light of the Evenstar

The scent of ice covered high-gardens and the endless cold of an elvish river; you find yourself in Rivendell. Here winter has come like a fine herbal wine and the elves themselves walk softly through it. Set aflame your woodwick for a blend of peppermint, lavender and Rivendell snow.

Scent Notes:
Top - peppermint, lavender
Middle - chamomile, snowblooms
Bottom - eucalyptus, vanilla honey


The Misty Mountains

Light this candle for:
Intrepid shadows, frozen peaks, hidden gold

The Misty Mountains hang upon the sky with their moaning winds and their icy caverns. They await not the faint of heart, but those who are not deceived may breach the peaks that smoke beneath the moon. Many a weary winter traveler has never left the ledge of grim stone now before you. Set your wick aflame and warm your heart with notes of cypress, amber and cold mist.

Scent Notes:
Top - amber, cypress, patchouli
Middle - fir, incense, dark musk
Bottom - sea salt, bayberry, moss


Hobbiton Christmas

Light this candle for:
Rollicking good fun, songs by the fireside, a great deal of cake

Hobbiton is known for its quaint hobbit holes and large portion sizes. This Christmas, stop by The Green Dragon and make sure to fill your cup to the brim, pile your plate high with something mouth-watering, and gather your friends for an adventurous tale by the fire — the happiest holidays are always when we are together. May this candle transport you to The Shire with scents of spiced cider, merriment and molasses cake.

Scent Notes:
Top - molasses, nutmeg, cardamom
Middle - ginger, ale, clove
Bottom - spice, cedar, cinnamon