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Unbreakable Vow Woodwick Candle
Unbreakable Vow Woodwick Candle
Unbreakable Vow Woodwick Candle

Unbreakable Vow Woodwick Candle

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Light this candle for: 
Black magic, wand sparks, and belladonna in your veins.

One of our favorite scenes in Harry Potter is when Snape says to Bellatrix, "Take. Out. Your. Wand." and proceeds to make the unbreakable vow that will be his undoing. This candle is scented with black dahlia, garnet dust, eternal bonds....and just a hint of lily, to remind us of the love behind it all. 

- Exercise caution when making promises you don’t wish to keep; a wizards vow is forever - 

“Swear to it... make the Unbreakable Vow.”
“It's just empty words. He'll give it his best effort, when it matters most. He'll just slither back into his hole... coward.” — JK Rowling, The Half Blood Prince

Scent Notes:
Top - brandy, nutmeg, saffron
Middle - belladonna, lily, amber
Bottom - lemon, dahlia, pear

Candle Specs: 3.5 x 3, over 1 lb in weight.
Label art by Jacques Linard, circa 1630
Title - A Vanitas Still Life With Skull

Our exclusive apothecary candles are crafted from a blend of 100% soy wax + phthalate-free fragrance and poured carefully by hand in small batches. Set a match to your cozy sparkling wood wick to evoke a spell of reading favorite tales fireside. Jars are blown glass, all label art comprised of restored vintage pieces. For burning instructions, please refer to the enclosed candle care card sent with each shipment.