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Wonders + Wares ON DEMAND

Handmade Wooden Wick Soy Candles, Room Sprays, Body Lotions, Body Sprays, Crystals, Home Decor, and more! All shipped twice a week from our storied studio to you.

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Our star product is our Story Box: Mysterious luxury boxes delivering curated and custom objects interwoven with original storytelling that all begins with "What if...?"

Spellbinding ephemera draws you into the story. Beautiful pieces for home, office, and bath bring worlds to life.

Magic in the Details

Every order includes a touch of what makes our style so beloved: Whether it be a shard of a translucent map, an ink-stained letter, or pages from an alchemist's journal... every purchase gives you a glimpse behind the veil. 

Unbox a Story in every delivery